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My first 3d printer!
Hello everyone!! I am excited to finally get my feet wet with my first 3D printer. I ordered one of those dual nozzle makerbot2 knockoff's from EBay. What can I say? I am cheap and at 1/3 the price its hard to buy the high end for my first Smile. Well I have got everything set up and have updated the firmware to 7.5, leveled the build plate and have started printing. I plan on going through the wall thickness calibration and temperature tests once I have fixed one problem. When I go to print my printer goes all the way the y axis and attempts to keep going before it prints. Here is a video of the issue . Also I plan on getting heavily involved with 3D printing and as of yet I have just dove in to it without any real guidance. Does anyone have any ideas on A: what is wrong with my printer when it starts a print (it seems to lose Y printable space as well) and B: after I do the calibration for wall thickness and temperature where should I go next? I am really interested in GCODE and I learn buy example rather than WIKI Smile. Also I am trying to print a 3d object that only needs support in 1 area, when I print with external supports on Skeinforge 50 it prints internal supports in the structure that I do not want is there a way that I can add supports just in that one area of my print?
It sounds like you have chosen the wrong printer in the program you are using to generate the g code with. You need to find the replicator config file for all the different printers, open it in notepad and change the values to suit your maximum travel distance.
Hope this helps you mate.
Tell me, does that have a heatbed? Is it an mbot?
I will do that! You are the first person that has given me some manual way to configure this! Thank you thank you thank you. Now to answer you questions, I am very new to this and this is my first printer so I have nothing to compare it with except the 3d printer in my school and I have getting relative quality there.

And yes it has a heated bed.
Thanks. We had a small batch of printers with the exact same problem. It had problems because its travel was different to the ones on the list in replicator so we chose one on the list that was close and found it in the config file and changed the values.
I hope you have success and can start printing.
Where would that file be in the replicatorg folder?

I found the file and I think I found the line that is doing it but I do not know what the 3300 represents in it
"G1 X-110.5 Y-74 Z150 F3300.0 (move to waiting position)"
It appears that the xyz are correct but what does F represent?
Look for the file in C:\Users\your computers name\Documents\ReplicatorG\replicatorg-0040\machines

I have a modded file for the 200mm x200mm x200mm mbot that you could look at. If you want me to email it to you just let me know.

That other code looks like part of the g code to me?
You could maybe deal with it there but you would most probably need a modded start and end code for every thing you print. If you use another program to do g code and you forgot to add the modded start and end code it would crash again.

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