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HYREL System 30 vs Formlabs Form 1
Hello, first post.

I am considering to purchase the Formlabs Form 1 but I just saw in 3Ders the HYREL System 30 which has a very competitive price.

My main interest is to print custom-made miniatures, so the number one factor in my decision for which printer to purchase is detail. From the printers I had seen so far at that price range the Form 1 certainly seems to produce the most detailed results.

But the HYREL System 30, while more expensive, has a larger build volume, a wider variety of materials which are also less expensive than the resin the Form 1 supports.

But my main concern is detail. Can fused deposition modeling match the detail of stereolithography?

Tech Specs for the Form 1:
Tech Specs for the HYREL System 3:

Thanks in advance.

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