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Plastic recycling - filament machine survey
Hi all

As part of my final year at University I am undertaking a project to produce a machine that can take your waste filament or failed prints and turn it into new filament. The machine would crush, heat, extrude and reel the material.

You may have seen machines like this on the market already, but I have a few ideas and plans on how to make them better for the customer.

I'm in need of your help, I am running a short survey to get some feedback on the idea to back up my thoughts.

If you have a spare few minutes it would be great to get your opinions.

Thanks all Alex
Done. All the best Alex. Please keep us informed.
Thanks very much Smile

Please feel free to spread the survey, the more responses I get the better the basis I can build on

Its pretty much just plastic bottles that can be recycled, even if it is recyclable most counclis will still only accept bottles.

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