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CAD (engineering) or Animation software for 3D printing?
Hey everybody, I have some prior background in 3D CAD (IronCAD, RhinoCAD, Solidworks, etc) development work from a previous job, and am getting interested in maybe relearning some of the skills for personal use in making things on a 3D printer.

It seems that most people I've been following online are using Blender, 3DS Max, and other "computer animation" software packages as opposed to engineering style CAD. I've never personally used anything like this, CAD only, so have no idea the learning curve I'll be faced with, or if it's really all that different.

Is there truly a best tool for the job, in relations to the style of software, not specific brand? If I have to learn Blender, I'm ok with that, but I'll get further faster and with greater confidence going with what I'm familiar using, but didn't want to waste that time if it's only going to lead to greater frustration once I approach the actual export and print stage.

Discuss. Smile
it completly depends on what youre trying to model. i dabbled a little bit in autoCAD back in highschool for architecture, but im majoring in 3D character modeling. if you're creating architectural structures i'd stick with AutoCAD as it has a lot more tools to help with this. Anything more creative or that's organic in shape should be done using a program like blender (free)/Maya(expensive professional counterpart) or ZBrush/Mudbox(3D glay sculpting software)
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Good advise cubankidd. I use Cadkey, have done for around 17 years. That and netfab is all I need.

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