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3D EeZ a way to make 3D Printing EeZier
#1 and and of course I got a 3D Printer.. man was I happy.. then I started printing projects. I became frustrated.. My builds were getting stuck to the build plate.. and when i tried to remove the item.. it either was damaged or my build plate would get damaged.. worse yet.. both would have gotten damaged. so I cam up with 3D EeZ.. So named for the EeZ at which one3 could remove their projects from the build plate.. I am trying to start a company to make this stuff for all who want and need it.. I would appreciate comments on marketing and well help on getting the word out about it.. if you can and would like to.. I have a crowd Funding site on Indiegogo linm is above.. if you woukld like.. I have litte funds available.. and would like some help if you can.. Thank You Angel

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