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Looking for good buyers guide/overview of 3D printers
The community college I work at is looking to get a 3D Printer for an upgraded student engineering lab. As I'm reading about the subject, I'm stunned to discover just how many models are on the market already, and figuring out what would be a good investment in a device (both for educating students about the technology and making quality objects as part of their projects) is a bit daunting.

The price range is quite vast, ranging from kits that are well under $1000, to consumer models from Makerbot, Formlabs, and Cubify in the 2-4K range, to Stratasys printers that start at 10K. I'm presuming the latter is for industrial use and largely beyond our needs and budget, however, I'd like to know the pros and cons of "Kit" 3D printers (the construction of which would be a very good project for our Engineering Club) vs the Makerbot/Formlabs/Cubify consumer models, and then what to look for once we've even settled on a general class and price range.

Anyway, pointers to a good guide on the topic would be greatly appreciated.
The printers that start at 10K may be perfect for for industrial use, but like any printer they are also great for the educational value students can get from this awesome technology. One thing I would be looking at is value for money. School funds should always be used as wisely as possible therefore a printer that offers diverse material types and upgrade ability would be 2 things I would be looking for after reliability and performance.

I recommend the Peachy printer as one that offers a lot of possibility's. For $100.00 its should get good value for money.
The way it works will also fascinate the students and should encourage student involvement.

I have to say the same for Our Sabertoooth printer as well. :-)

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