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[SALE] Complete KIT of Electronics RAMPS 1.4 in eBay
Hello friends. I bring a new electronic kit. This time cheaper.

I realize shipping throughout the world.

Here's the link to the ebay ad: []

What does our kit include?

- 1x RAMPS 1.4 (color black)
- 1x Beduino Mega 2560 board Rev 3.1 Version of the famous Arduino 2560 board optimized to
work with RAMPS 1.4 on 3D printers.
- 5x driver of power (Stepstick) with Pololu’s A4988 chip.
- 5x aluminum heat dissipators for Stepstick
- 5x Adhesive sheet to attach the heat dissipators to the Stepstick.
- 1x 40x40mm 12 V Fan.
- 1x Ceramic screw driver (needed to adjust the power of the Stepstick)
- 1x mechanic endstop RepRap type.
- 1x wiring kit. The wires have terminals on one of its ends to make it easier to connect to the
ramps board. Due to the flatness of these wires, they do not tangle up and you have a much organized installation. The wiring kit includes: 5 wires with 4 conductors (motor), 3 wires with 3 conductors (endstop) and 4 wires with 2 conductors (fan, hotend, etc.)

All this put together in a hard plastic case. This way you will receive it at your house in perfect

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