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Optomec LENS 850 Laser Additive Manufacturing Tool Available
Hello users,

DNA Equipment, Inc. would like to inform you of an Optomec LENS 850 Laser Additive Manufacturing Tool that we are bringing to the market. The tool is immediately available and can be viewed at our facility in Cleveland Ohio. The following is our write-up:

Optomec LENS (Laser Engineered Net Shaping) 850 workstation. This tool is used for laser additive manufacturing and 3-D Rapid Prototype Laser Sintering. Comes with manuals, software and is in excellent condition with very little use. / Manufactured October 2000 / System is equipped with US Laser Corporation model 408-2 YAG laser rated 1200 Watts CW, controlled atmosphere process chamber, powder delivery system, powder delivery nozzle assembly, a VAC Atmosphere Nexus Dri-Train, and argon re-circulation system. / Control system is set up with five drivers for five axis capability along with a Galil DMC-1760 6 axis motion control card. / XYZ stage travel: 18" x 18" x 42"

The overall condition of the system is very good. The laser system has two power supply cabinets stacked. One hour meter reads 2224 hours and the other reads 2609 hours.....very little use. Also included is one bin that is completely filled with manuals, hard copies of the original software and three other bins that consist of spares for the laser, some powder delivery spares, and some filters....etc.

Please feel free to contact me for any further information. I have plenty of pictures and some scanned documents from the manual with the manufacturer's specifications that I will be glad to send to you.

Thank you,

Ron Anderson
DNA Equipment, Inc.

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