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Temperature Settings
I'm new here, so to start I work with PLA on a MakerBot Replicator 2.

I'm still learning tricks and techniques, but I am curious about proper temperature settings. I did a quick google search on how to tell if you're using the right temperatures, and didn't find anything. So, now I'm here! I've always had a problem with the filament leaking out while heating up before a print. Not sure if that's something that happens normally, or if that means my temperature is too high. Prints come out fine, but on some I get a little stringage. If I'm doing a single item with not too much variation, prints come out great.

I read on SainSmart's amazon listing that their melting temp is lower than others, so I've been trying lower temperatures for the first time. I'm making a Tardis ring topper with this new blue filament from SainSmart, but when I make more than one, it gets a little stringy.

This is how the first one came out. Single Tardis topper printed on high at 100% infill, 1 shell, .10 mm layer height, 220 C temperature, 80 mm/s while extruding, and 150 mm/s while traveling.
[Image: DSC_1418.JPG?format=500w]

I was happy with the results, although in the high quality picture you can see the flaws. So I went and made a group of 5 to print together. This was where the problems came about. I had to relevel the build plate because it was a bit uneven from a different print we were messing with, but here's the second run.

I printed this one with the same settings except I went to a temperature of 215 C, trying to make sure there was no stringing.
[Image: DSC_1420.JPG?format=750w]

Just looking to see if anyone has some tricks, ideas, or anything to help me out. Anything would be appreciated! Smile

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