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This is a can offline print 3 d printer!!!!!!!!!!!
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This is a can offline print 3 d printer!!!!!!!!!!!
1. LCD screen.control console
2, 5 mm thickness aluminum alloy table, more durable, heat up more faster
3 , extensibility, scalable single nozzle design (standard for the print heads, already reserve the installation position)
4, SD card offline print function, this card is the same memory card in the phone
5, RAMPS1.4 control board (for details, please refer to electric and electronic parts catalog of our store)
6, for 1.75 mm filament (PLA ,ABS)
7,more simplely and easily to assembly and maintenance
8,linear bearings for X, Y, Z axis! Movement is more fluent, and more accurate.
9, printing precision is improved, the nozzle diameter is 0.4 mm(if you need 0.5mm,please left message to us)
10. replacing materials is more quickly (you can change different color materials, to achieve colorful model, for details, please refer to the beblow picture)
11, printing size is increased, do not worry about a bigger model.
12, the power is 24 v, 400 w, support 110 v to 220 v
[Image: AL230.jpg]

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