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Questions, Considering an Airwolf
I am seriously considering an Airwolf3D printer.
While the printer looks great and has the add ons I think I will need for a first run of a custom electronic case I have a few concerns.

Is this machine compatable with Ubuntu Linux? I do not see documentation about what drivers are required.
What 3d modeling software is compatable with gcode, it appears that the printer takes gcode input.
It concerns me a bit that there is only win/mac software included but I expect that there are good free/OSS alternatives available.

I dont want to blow $1600 for something useless in my work area and using win/mac is not an option, but if the software functions 100% in wine that is fine.
thanks for helping a noob

I have the slic3r and pronsole software installed and running, simple python stuff. By my research it looks like the USB is a simple usb to serial interface which is well supported by Linux of all flavors in 2012.
I will experiment with the recomended Google/Trimble Sketchup 3D software which runs fine on wine. I dont forsee any software issues, guess the question is what issues are involved with the kit vs a built Airwolf shipped internationaly.
Hi Biketool !!Well I think the most interesting question is, do you want to spend 1600$ for a a printer that you can make better by your self for approx. 600$ or less. did you take a look to a reprap Mendel prusa or a Huxley? you can buy it as a kit or assembled and the best is to make one by your self in order to learn everything about it.
An assembled and calibrated printer is maybe good for the first print, but after you will need to do some adjustment and calibration. At the first sight the Airwolf3D is just a redesigned Mendel prusa with 1K$ extra. so is it worth? If you're handy get a kit or make one by your self, and if not or no time, just get any one you like , they're all at the same price (1500 to 2300$) and if you're searching more you may find one for that price and with double extruder!!

About the software issues, the Airwolf3d is having a GEN6 electronics so I assume it will work just fine
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