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Injector Head
Is it possable to upgrade from say a .5 to a .1 on a $400.00 DIY Kit?
... nozzles with 0.35mm are common, 0.2mm experimental (and hard to adjst), 0.1mm for an extruder won't work.

But you can print 0.1mm layer heights even with a 0.5mm-nozzle ;-)

well the be exact the DIY kit im looking at has a .35mm extruder head. And the main thing i want to do is small scupters with fine detail work.
... there are some really impressive high-quality prints with layer-heights below 50 microns done with RepRap's ... but you'll need a good experience level to do this on regular basis.

Much easier and faster to achieve high quality prints are done with UV-DLP-printing, where you modify a DLP-beamer for an UV-lighsource and use it in an 'upside-down' mode curing thin slices through the bottom of a vat and so 'pulling' the 3D-part out of the resin slice by slice.

Look here for a complete DLP-printer:

... and here for a more DIY-approach and some results:

(sorry, the RepRap-forum is actually down, or I'll show you some prints with accuracies/resolutions down to 10 microns with a DIY-UV-printer with <300€ cost when sourcing salvaged parts)


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