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Making 3D designs in Adobe Illustrator
I'm not entirely sure of the usual preferred way of making 3D graphics, but when I want to attempt to make them I do it in Adobe Illustrator. My problem is coloring correctly according to how the light should hit the object. It's quite a shame, because our department used to reach us how to do these things. I don't quite know what happened.
What software are you using now? I use AutoCAD in creating 3D images as I work in an engineering firm. How is the lighting of the Adobe Illustrator a problem in making 3D graphics?
AutoCAD is definitely the way to go when creating 3D images. I have never tried using Adobe Illustrator before, so I am not quite sure what lighting problem you are referring to. Sorry!
"" here is the site name from where you can take help in making any kind of 3D designs in Adobe Illustrator. I dont know about your answer because i have started working on designing recently and only know about the basic things. Hope the site will help you.
I install new version CS6 of adobe but the view and tools are same as CS5. Might be installation problem. Please help me, I do two time re-installation already.
May be your setup is not working. Are during the installation there were any hanging problem If yes means your setup is corrupted. Other wise you can take help from Adobe Technical Support. Here you will get 100% solution and absolutely free. They help me many times.

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