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Please recommend a 3D printer for research please
Hello, I got a Makerbot Replicator 2. I don't like it as it fails quickly after purchase. Print quality is also not that good. I can see lines of layers and small holes even for screws M2 size cannot be printed nicely. I heard that Up Plus can print good quality stuff but the print volumn is too small. The print speed is also slow. I then considered the CubeX Trio. Read three users complaining that the software crashes often and the print quality is not as good as the cheaper UP Plus. I also consider the STARATASYS uPrint Plus but don't hear much about it. How is it compared with the ones I mentioned anyway? My university does not mind paying more. We want excellent print quality, speed similar to the Replicator 2 is ok and large build volume. What suggestions do you have?
Rigidbot comes with a 10x10x10 build area or a 12x16x10 area, it's not shipping till december though but it's inexpensive. $365 to $575 for the kits not including shipping. Inventapart is the company.
I'm basically in the same position, been doing a ton of research lately, the best resource I've found besides blogs is which seems to be about as comprehensive as it gets.

I think after all the searching i'm going to end up going with a rep rap machine and build it myself, it'll be cheaper and it'll leave room for tinkering.
As far as i see,Trumpf DMD 505 is a good choice for metal deposition.But it expensive,whatever,your university does not mind paying more.
For a large print area that can move pretty fast and still produce quality parts I would recommend the Rostock Max from! I have their version 1 machine, they are currently selling version 2 machines. They look very slick, are hypnotic to watch work and they produce very nice prints! You will have to build it yourself which is not hard at all especially with the build guide and all the support available on the forum I would suggest for immediate upgrades a set of Carbon Fiber rods from and also a spool holder with some bearings for smooth unroll of the filament. If you want to be able to experiment with high temp filaments like nylon and such then you will have to upgrade the hot end and in that case I would go with the E3D All Metal hot end, the Bowden adapter one, get that from for fast delivery in the US. That's the setup that I am currently running and I'll tell you what, very rarely do I see prints that are up to par with the quality my machine can produce! Delta is the way to go for speed and quality!

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