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Experience of purchasing a 3D printer by Bits From Bytes
We got email from Spenser, he described his experience of purchasing a 3D printer by Bits From Bytes.

Quote:Purchased a fully assembled 3D Touch by Bits From Bytes from DesktopFab in early April. The unit's plexiglas cover was broken in at least 10 places during shipping. After two weeks I was finally given the go ahead to use the printer until the shipping company processed its paperwork and provided a return shipping label. The printer set up and worked reasonably well.

Unfortunately I was not given the option of only replacing the damaged plexiglas so I accepted a new 3D Touch approximately four weeks after my initial order. The second unit was an older unit with non current firmware. After spending the better part of a week trying to get the unit to produce a reasonable print I contacted BFB's help desk. They instructed me to update the firmware claiming it would solve the raft adhesion problem I was having. They also shipped out a new platen claiming some of their older platens were not up to snuff. Neither the installation of the new platen nor the updating of the firmware fixed the problems I was having. After another round of help desk conversations BFB claimed it may be a bad controller board and said I would have to remove it and ship it back prior to a replacement being shipped to me. I seriously balked at this request and told DesktopFab I was disgusted and no longer wanted the printer because BFB seemed somewhat mystified as to what the actual issues were. Some of the specific issues I was having were:

1 - Unit did not 'remember' the z axis offset - Even after 10 attempts to set the z axis offset following the set up instructions, when I would attempt to make a print it the nozzle would be anywhere from one to two millimeters away from the platen.

2 - At times, when initiating a Home command, the printer carriage would move at high speed in the negative x axis direction and crash into its stop. It would continue to try and move in that direction making a loud grinding noise.

3 - At times, when initiating either a clockwise or counterclockwise command, the carriage would move diagonally at high speed and crash into the nearest stop making a loud grinding noise.

4 - In most cases, if I did a Home, Z Axis Offset, Home, Z Axis Offset, Home, Z Axis Offset, command sequence, without changing any parameters, I would get wildly disparate z axis readings, sometimes off as much as 0.50 millimeters. In each case, when the platen to nozzle distance was measured with feeler gauges the gap was +/- 0.002 inches.

Eventually DesktopFab and BFB reluctantly agreed to accept the unit back. They, DesktopFab, received my unit on May 17 and I have yet to receive a refund. At this point in time I am without a 3d printer and the $4K+ I paid for it.
I hate it whenever e-commerce goes wrong. It is insane that he paid 4000$ for a printer that would not work, and I think I see a good reason why not to purchase anything from Bits from Bytes.

I have a miscellaneous question that kind of pertains to this post. Exactly what is the difference between a 3D printer and, lets say, an Epson 3880 printer?
I'm leaning toward a MakerBot Replicator 2 for the "rough drafts" prints of my model cars, but may end up sending the .stl file to a service to get mirror smooth surfaces on the 3D prints.

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