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Healthy plant for your room
While you work with computer you may experience with eye irritation, headaches and fatigue, it is time to set a Livistona on the desk. A survey from the Flower Council shows that Livistona is a very good air purifier and could give a positive influence on the humidity in the room. In the survey this plant scores also the highest rating.

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That's really an awesome information. I spend tens hours a day in front of computer and due to this i often feel headache and also have eye problem. I will try to act upon your advise to see if it works or not.
My room gets very stuffy and hot. I have my window open all day and it still gets stuffy. So I wanted to get a nice plant(any type) to help convert c02 to oxygen. My room is upstairs so yeah it gets hot and there is a lot of sun in here. Is it good to have a plant in your room? Is it healthy? Will I breathe better in the morning? I constantly have my window open every day even at night
It is unhealthy when you keep it in your bedroom when you are asleep in the night. It produces dioxide which can be harmful if you breath it. Keep a window open for fresh air Smile

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