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Thinking of buying a 3D printer for my architectural practice but trying to work out the running cost - that is, cost of consumables. I can see the cost of various reels of the plastic at various online stores, but how much can you print per wheel?

I've only just started my research, so sorry if this is a very open-ended question! Just a guide would be handy.
Try Shapeways. They have way better stuff (equipment) than you could end up with. The cost of your time has to be factored in too. I'm guessing you want to make architectural models of your designs. A hollow design just showing the outside would be a simple model and wouldn't cost much...a roof off design showing interiors would cost a lot more. 1500 square cm of surface is about $40 if the walls are .5mm thick. The trick to Shapeways is not to trap volume. If you enclose a volume you drive up the cost really quick. Mess around with tinkercad for a bit and see what your designs would cost to have printed.

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