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Stalactite 1.0 High resolution 3D printer/ Low Cost!
A new high resolution 3D printer is coming at town!

Stalactite3D printers, a company formed by two young enterpreneurs from Barcelona, Spain, is launching a new photopolymer 3d printer, based on a cheap 1024x768 pixels/inch resolution.
As a warm-up for the crowdfunding Indiegogo campaign, they launched a contest at ZbrushCentral, a forum of digital sculptors that uses zbrush software...they are printing the models that the members of the community submit, and then they send the physical model to the artists that have been selected.
Folow the contest at:

With over 3000 visits and growing, this contest is a nice oportunity to stay in contact with the creators of the printer, just one week before the launching of the indiegogo campaign!

But they advance to us:
RepRap price range (1000/1200 euros...still to be confirmated)
Open frame construction (highly customizable)
Cheapest resin in the market, but with superb quality.
Layers of 50 microns by default!
102,4x76,8x150 build size
Powered by RAMPS 1.4, the RepRap electronics standard
Hybrid system (top-down/or bottom up, depending on the project and your needs)

Be aware!!!

For +info before the indiegogo campaign write at


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