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Help with slicing problem
Hello everyone I am new to the Forum and have been running into some problems. i will create an stl in Inventor and then when i go to put it into slic3r its not the correct size that i made the object, it is really small. i was able to create one gcode for one thing i created and that came out the right size, but after that whenever i open up an stl file it comes out really small and is not the right size. i have gone though and made sure all of the settings are correct on the print area so i know that that is not the issue. in the picture attached the object im trying to print is 6x3x4 so i know that it should almost take up the entire print space but its really really small. i have not tried printing anything yet as i am waiting for my printer to come in the mail. any help is greatly appreciated. thank you.
... this is often an issue when switching between programs with metric or imperial internal units - could be, you have to scale all measures with x25.4 to change fromm mm to inches.

You can rescale in Inventor before exporting it, or in Slic3r before slicing ...


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