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This what I want. Now, what do I need?
Hey all,

I'm here to look for your opinion about what the best 3d print for me.

A little about my activities: Well, actually I’m in programming side of the world, and I’ve been studding augmented reality + computer vision and stuff like that for a while and I'll try something assembling the 3d print.

What do I really need: My focus is at architecture representation, so I expect results like this one, but with a nice resolution like this one, but sometimes all these together with a bigger size like here. I also must have an easy way to make little makers in the piece to help me with the recognition ( I’m thinking about 2 nozzles printers).

How much am I able to invest: No more than U$ 1.500,00 cuz I’m Brazilian and this price goes very further when I pay all the Brazilian taxes.

Where am I: I’ve done a nice research but I still with some doubts
  1. - It doesn't matter if I use PLA or ABS to get a result like this I must do some tinkering?
  2. - I saw at many sites covers for iPhone and so on. What about the flexibility of the polymer? which polymer they use? Abs?
  3. - Wut the difference of this two print (1) and (2), why in the second one I got many waste(supports for layers?) and witch is best for my propose?How i get the texture of the 2nd video?
  4. - I've cheked UP Mini (Thanks Marcus), but also Solidoodle, Ultimaker seems to have a great results, but I’m thinking more about the MBot 3D MBot 3Dbecause of it's big print area, dual extruder and 0.1 layer thickness (on the other hand it has 0.4 of nozzle diam.)

Well, I guess I give many information but I hope you can help me and sure many others who see the forum.

My sincerely thanks,
Eduardo Bilk
In regards to your questions 1-4:

1. That figure does not appear to have been printed with a filament extruding 3D printer (which is the types you have listed and are most common).
2. ABS or PLA can be used for a phone cover. They are not flexible, they snap onto the phone.
3. The two prints could come from the same 3D printer. The choice of having support material (or not) is a software setting that can be turned on and off at will.
4. Also check out Printrbot if you're looking for a lower price and don't mind assembly.
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