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China, Robots/Automation and Unemployment
The graph below, based on data from the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis, shows manufacturing employment in the United States as a fraction of all employment. As you can see, the line heads download in an almost perfectly straight line beginning in the mid-1950s. Notice that the line doesn’t become steeper as globalization takes hold after the passage of NAFTA in 1994 or the rise of China over the past decade or so. The line just slopes consistently downward.

China, Robots/Automation and Unemployment
Joblessness remains stubbornly high in the United States But there might be more to that than the meddling of the usual suspects in Washington and on Wall Street. A recent report states that, due to technological advances, computers and bots are killing middle class jobs at a growing rate. Article source: robot invasion
I just hope they aren't like those robots in the movie I, robots where they start attacking everybody! That gave me nightmares!

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