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Which desktop 3D printer for daily printing of varied models ?
Hello, I need a machine to print 3D objects for many people with different needs. Basically a single person will be operating the printer which would be printing all day and all week.

The requirements are:

• cheap raw material
• 1500€ / $2000 max
• fast
• quiet
• reliable on printing/software/hardware
• responsive manufacturer support
• desktop/portable
• support different type of raw materials
• large build size
• low and high resolution
• raw material in different colours
• Mac compatible

Which one do you recommend ?
it depends on what you want.
from what i see, extrusion non pro printers tend to need maintenance every now and then, so unless you want to learn how to fix them, they may not be what you are looking for, but at the same time, a DLP projector printer, the material costs allot, and some is wasted every print... but its by far the fastest i know of...

if you know how to get the liquid to print with cheap (if you buy it specifically for printing they gouge the price significantly) than it may be just a little more expensive than abs or pla, but as far as i know you can't print different colors...

the printer you want just doesn't exist yet. you have to take negatives with positives.

if you want these

• fast
• quiet
• reliable on printing/software/hardware
• responsive manufacturer support

you are looking at 15-40000$

• support different type of raw materials

you are looking at a reprap like printer

• Mac compatible

not sure about this, if you spend about 200$ on a reprap style printer you can get an lcd and make it independent of the computer.

• raw material in different colours

you are looking at an extrusion printer with dual heads, or a printer that layers plastic and paste and cuts it, or an expensive 15-40k printer

• large build size

you are looking at a reprap (200 200 200 is common with those printer designs, i think its called a delta printer, or a really expensive (and under preforming for the price) extrusion.

• cheap raw material

even cheaper if you make your own filament
liquid resin dlp printers may have cheap material so long as you know what you are getting and don't buy stuff specifically made for 3d printing.

anything you get specifically for 3d is gouged like you wouldn't believe
(1kg pla or abs is 30-50$ with some printer makers charging 100$, but 1kg of resin pellets to make the filament costs 3-8$)

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