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3D Systems Cube!
I got my first gen Cube just over a year ago, right after graduating college with no knowledge of 3D modeling or printing besides a few things I had tried myself. I always tell people it's one of the main reasons i'm still having so much fun with it and constantly inventing things. The printer is so simple, I have had to replace the head (they gave me one even though I was out of warranty) and have even had to take it apart and re solder the contacts to the plastic cartridge. I also use their modeling program, Invent, which I picked up quickly, and use it in conjunction with Rhino.

I'll be investing in a more customizable printer in the future, but I think the cube has had a huge impact in my learning curve and really kept me going.
I also find the plastic relatively cheap for the things i'm doing.
You can see examples at and search my username on thingiverse for files

I really recommend it to someone getting started and am willing to answer any questions

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