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3D Systems Cube!
I recently acquired a 3D Systems Cube printer for some work projects. We had talked about getting into 3D printing but had run into trouble selecting which direction. Reprap, Makerbot, and all the other 'DIY' printers seemed more like a hobby than a serious 'get the parts out the door' solution. The true 'industrial' 3D printers were a $ignificantly more costly and, in a way, just as complicated. We use both Autocad Inventor and Solidworks so programming the model wasn't the real problem. Then 3D systems started showing off their Cube home 3D printer. The Cube's entry price of $1299 ($1399 for the print pack with 3 extra filament cartridges and Cube Invent software).

Simple plug and play technology streamlined for home, school, and simple industrial use. On the other hand, their supply model is straight 1990's inkjet...sell the printer cheaply (relatively) and make your money on consumables. (HP anyone?). This was something we could step into and, at least, get some knowledge base built up without investing 40+ hours of build time and more for the software learning curve.

Unboxing video

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