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PLA in Bulk?!
I currently reside all the way in Lebanon. I'm waiting on my Replicator 2 to arrive and I made sure I ordered an extra 6kg of filament from Makerbot (this is an extremely volatile country for those of you that didn't know. It's difficult to order stuff!)

What I'm wondering is if anyone knows of place where I can order high quality 1.75mm PLA in bulk optimized for the Replicator 2.. lets say 30kg+ ??

Your help is much appreciated!
We are a factory proffessional on producing high qaulity 3D filaments.It will help your makerbot printers printing smoothly.If you are of interest,pls contact us:
You can order PLA filament in bulk at They have wide range of high quality 1.75mm PLA filament in different colors. Check out the website for different discount options.
Hey were over here at we can supply you with bulk filament, were just starting out, and ready to be competitive. Everything is top quality made in America!
Hello, My name is Royi from China, we're an ABS&PLA filament manufacturer in China which have great quality filament, can provide bulk order quantity quickly. So if you like it please contact me by: Thanks!

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