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New to 3D Printing, Which Way Should I Go?
I'm new to the world of 3D printing. I'm looking for a good, starter printer. I prefer one less than $800, but am having difficulty locating comparisons. So far, it looks like the Printrbot Plus is the way to go. I will be using the printer to create parts for static scale models. I would like an envelope size of +6x5x5". Can anyone suggest a starting point?
Hey Matt,
Just starting myself. We bought the Printrbot Jr as a family project. It has been a lot of fun so far - about half way done with the build. See our build progress here: I figured that if I can get the Jr up and running, I could use some of the parts as replacements for the Plus later on.
Hey Matt,

Kickstarter is a great source for researching 3D printers and getting them at a lower cost. There is one called the DeltaMaker that I believe is really awesome. You can read more on their Kickstarter page here:
Good luck with all your researching, I hope I helped you out.

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