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Education for son / sons
Hi, I'm new to this and had heard and read about the future of this 3D stuff and have a 14 yr old son and would like to know what classes / training he would need to get into this field. Seems like the future is very promising. Thank you for your input.
Hey Ray,
Just starting myself. We bought the Printrbot Jr as a family project. It has been a lot of fun so far - about half way done with the build. See our build progress here: The process of building the printer has been very educational for my kids - especially my 8yr old son.
Thanks, will have to look it up.
I have pretty much just researched various sites found online, to get up-to-date tutorials about 3D art. It is still very new, and there are lots of products coming out. You need to keep yourself informed.
Yes it is true. It is very much beneficial as a number of industries now have started to start marketing of their business by the way of 3d movies and ads. There are some great carrier opportunities in this field.
Hello to all, I am a Mother doing research for my son as well. He is passionate about 3D printing and I am trying to gather information pertaining to schools a/o colleges who teach & educate about this topic. I see above that Zephyrean has found various sites online, mind you sharing? My son is 17 and in his last year of High School. Thank you, your help is much appreciated.
Wishing all the kids all the best in learning this awesome technology.
I recommend 123d by autodesk to all that want to learn how to model. Its free and easy to use.

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