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Large format 3d printer
I'd pay more than $3,500 for even a 40inch x 40inch x 40inch volume 3-D printer if the print quality is high and it has at least two extruders - one for water-soluble PVA support material. Many of us don't have the space for a printer with a 10ft long build platform, (my local maker shop would, but my office wouldn't) yet, we still need something bigger than the relatively tiny stuff out there now. Also, make sure it can use standard, off-the-shelf 5 lb (or larger) filament spools. The biggest problem with a few of the current "large" (300mm x 300mm x 300mm) printers is that you can't use a spool big enough to print a full sized object solid. Having something 1000mm cubed where we could print jumbo solid parts would be incredible. I could justify spending $5k for that, depending on the feature set.

My wish list for a device like this would include a self-leveling print platform which also automatically sets the optimum z-gap and has a good capacitive touch screen display (or allows you to plug in an iPad running an app for this function.)

Also, I'd be concerned about the print speed at that size. You'd have to use high torque, high speed steppers in order to move the head and extrude fast enough to keep print times on jumbo prints in the realm of reasonable. You'd also need a better nozzle design than the current FFF printers. You'd need to heat filament much faster than what we have now, in order to reach extrusion speeds high enough to print huge parts fast. Having a single part take a week or two to print wouldn't be of much use to me. A day or two is acceptable, but not a week.

I do wish you great success on this endeavor, though. Whether you end up making something I can personally purchase or not, this is a great idea.

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