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New printer makes messy prints.. help? Suggestions?
I would really appreciate any insight anyone might have on what's wrong with my settings or printer. Thanks in advance!

I have a new printer from mbot 3D, which is an open source copy of the Replicator. Out of the box, it is printing slightly odd shaped objects. Some of the issues seem to look like they could be caused by overheating, but I'm also finding that many horizontal surfaces aren't aligned properly. In a few of the examples especially, it looks like the border and fill aren't the same.

These are all printed in ABS, between the temperatures of 220 and 240 (sometimes 220 didn't work because it didn't stick to the non-heated platform), usually around 230. They have an infill of 10%, and both feedrates were 40mm/s. The layer height is .27, and the number of shells is 1. All were printed with a raft. This is using ReplicatorG with settings for mbot, and 5.2 firmware.

Here are the links to the models I used: (Cat Laying Around) - the tail and front legs have holes in them, and right behind the head there's an empty space (Trilego) - the inside seems to be the right shape, but the outline is jagged and not attached well. The pips on top are oval shaped and messy. (Meeple - scaled using ReplicatorG 2x) - both the outline and the fill are fairly messy. Vertical lines are better than horizontal. (Barrel Monkey Cookie Cutter) - the vertical lines (cutting part) are almost perfect. The flat bottom is very messy, again with the borders and fill not connecting well at all. (Lucy the cat) -- this was printed with no infill - almost perfect on the back, but the chest area is wispy and has a hole in it. the top of the tail also has a small hole.

(Also a 4cmx4cmx1cm box that I don't have a link for) - Oddly, this one worked very well. The sides are fairly smooth, with one corner slightly jagged. The top is smooth except for one bump, and the bottom is fairly smooth but very wavy. Looks like maybe it shrank a lot on the first layer?

You can see pictures of all these prints here:

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