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3D body scanning
I have an XBox 360 with kinect, and am looking to use it for 3D scanning.
Does anyone have knowledge of drivers for Ubuntu Linux?

BTW - We have a MakerBot cupcake #106 with extensive upgrades & mods. We also have an Atlas Craftsman 12" x 36" metal lathe, and a Jet 12" x 36" wood lathe. I have been experimenting with coding up a open-source pattern-design system & I would like to add 3D scanner input.
I would like to be able to scan large items.
I installed two packages that are packaged for Debian / Ubuntu.
freenect is now bundled with Ubuntu 12.10 (I have 12.04)

1. OpenKinect's freenect - meta package and python bindings:
sudo apt-get install freenect
sudo apt-get install python-freenect

2. Mobile Robot Programming Toolkit - console and gui applications:
sudo apt-get install mrpt-apps

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