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DIY conversion kits for those with a CNC Mill?
... some years ago I was trying to assemble a CNC-mill->RepStrap-conversion kit around the Gen3 electronic (after relase of the ArduinoMega changed to RAMPS), but the common CNC-mills are so different in specs and mechanics (my Isel is a gantry-style) ... and the softwares+firmwares were changing so fast, that I dropped this idea.

Essentially the 'kit' is an assembly of one of the actual boards, (eventually with stepper-drivers), an extruder (eventually a heated bed) and one of the stable softwares ... and this "board+extruder+'stable software'" will change every half year or even faster!

All other parts (endstops) and the wiring is either different or will change too.

Attached the first kit assembly around the Gen3 electronics ...


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