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First 3d printer
(01-12-2014, 11:17 AM)Limbatus Wrote: Hello,
I'm in the market for a 3d Printer. I'm not sure if should get a home or semi professional printer. I want to print designs, architectural models, prototypes and parts. here are my criteria
-smooth parts
-no support structures / minimal post processing
-safe for home use
-inexpensive materials
-easy maintenance
-large print volume
-under 10,000

what would you recommend?
I dont mean to be a buzzkill, but theres a few problems with your requirements.
No matter what 3d printer you buy they always require maintenance cleaning and general care. Obviously some closer to 10,000$ are going to require more complicated maintenance and a much higher electricity bill and possibly material cost.
ANY printer you buy, be prepared to spend a few hours learning how it works before you are actually able to start printing. Also, depending on the complex-ness of the printer, you may or may not need supports. It varies per individual model and printer. This goes along with the smoothness of the prints. Most 3d printers for 4000 and under can go to about .1 or even .05mm layer heights. Above that im not sure.
The requirement for the plastic? Well basically any printer under 500,000$ Will fit that bill Tongue
The large print volume goes along with the prices. More you pay, more volume you get. As for recommendations, I have heard a lot of good things about the Objet brand printers used my stratasys (Check out their website) Brand new they are around 50k but I have heard of used ones going for about 10k. Good luck in your search! Would love for you to post back on this later on to see what you got! once you are into 3d printing its almost like a addiction seeing your ideas appear right in front of you!

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