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Large printer by ART3D Australia
Hi all. My name is Jason and I am the director of ART 3D (& Advanced Rollforming Technology PTY LTD) in Melbourne Australia.
We are about to release our first model printer. Our printer has a maximum build space of 1000mm x 1000mm x 400mmH. We have a 4 zone heated bed that can be controlled via the 22 in all in one touch screen that comes standard running windows8. Our printer is a very complex design utilizing a 12 rail system for the x & y to get the fastest print speed along with the best accuracy.
Our printer will run a maximum of 4 extruder's or our color mixing head that will be available some time next year.
My teams number one goal is to make the best printers on the planet, not only in build quality and design but also functionality and flexibility.

Private message me if you would like more info and I get straight back to you personally.
Jason Simpson

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