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Choosing which 3D printer to buy shouldn't be like trigonometry!

With the cost of ownership quickly shrinking, 3D printers are (almost) getting to be a desktop item. My shop has looked at 3D printers several times but cost of ownership was much higher than a CNC Mill, Lathe, or Router. We recently picked up the 3D systems Cube printer. Not as our main 3D system but more of a 'getting our feet wet' thing. The reason we chose 3D systems is they have a scalable menu. You can go from a $1200 'hobby' printer to a no expense wasted super 3D printer which can print in several materials at once. The CubeX is an example of a 3 color printer for under $4k USD with a large printing area. This would be our next baby step. Several have asked why we skipped building our own or buying a pre-assembled Makerbot, mainly because their still just 'open source' printers with a steepish learning curve. I know some people would say "'s not that steep" "you're just not trying hard enough"...but lets be honest...I'm not going to sink 80+ hours in a DIY system building it...just to spend another 40 hours learning all the hacker software. Instead this system was literally printing the Rook test piece in UNDER an hour.
It's not just cost now...but getting away from the byzantine software that these systems use.

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RE: Choosing which 3D printer to buy shouldn't be like trigonometry! - by undrpsi - 02-26-2013, 11:40 PM

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