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3Dsystems / Cubify CubeX printers come with a 90 day warranty and they are very good about shipping replacement parts under warranty. I had a number of issues with my very early unit and parts were shipped out quickly in every case. They seem to respond better to email support requests that contain lots of detail, rather than telephone support. I'm not sure why.

Sadly, their filament cartridge system is horrendously poorly designed and jams constantly. A lot of us open up the cartridges and feed the filament spool from outside the printer with the empty cartridge mounted in the slot. The slicing software also chokes on a lot of common and fairly simple models, generating illogical tool paths that create a messy print. I'm currently exploring the possibility of replacing the electronics so I can stop using their idiotic cartridges and poor slicing software. (Any help/advice on this is appreciated.)

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