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Could use some advice getting started
I am currently building my prototype of a new Delta design I would like to offer in kit form, maybe pre-built machines if it were to get big enough.

I do plan on running a campaign on either Kickstarter or Indigogo or maybe both who knows. In order to get the price point around where I'd like it to be I need to find as few suppliers as possible that can offer me a good discount for bulk purchases. I have sources for a few of the main parts but need sources for the stuff every 3d printer needs like NEMA 17, micro switches, RAMPS kit with Mega and wiring if possible, J-Head hot end, rods, PTFE tube for Bowden setup, bearings, etc. And probably will need to find a pro printing service with lots of machines for the printed parts since it would take forever and a day to print off 200 machines worth with two deltas. My machine has a few specialty parts which I believe are going to be some game changers in the Delta world anyway so I have the only sources for those parts.

Besides help with sources I'm open to suggestions on running this type of business and maybe some know how on turning the printed parts into injection molded parts. I want to do this right as I believe I have a machine that is well engineered and designed to be one of the top dogs if I can manage to time everything right and run the business the right way.

If anyone out there has some pointers or if you're one of the decision makers for a large business I'd be interested in hearing your ideas and also maybe someone would want to talk about some sort of partnership or other endeavor, I'd be willing to talk about it. I don't have a big shop or anything, I'm doing it all by myself with hand tools in a room of my apartment which is my office / workshop for the time being. I would absolutely love to get large enough to get my own location with a real shop and shipping / kiting area with a few offices, man we can all dream I guess. I just need to learn how to make it all happen, which I know I will at some point.

Thanks for reading and replying if you do, I'm all ears at this point in the game!

~ ~ Happy Printing!!!

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Could use some advice getting started - by InoTech3D - 04-11-2014, 11:24 PM

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