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Some questions
Hello Fabius,
many companies produce these printers. Most entry level / "hobby-budget" devices are based on the Reprap project and are open-source.
The aim is to create a simple, inexpensive and printable printer :-)
You can print it's parts (to some extend) and equip it with common electronic and hardware components.

A long time 3D printer have been very expensive and have been mostly used for rapid prototyping before producing a product (and creating expensive molds for example).
There are also applications such as visualization, customized products, small production line and so on.

Now that printers (both commercial and open source) get so cheap, it opens up many new uplications, especially for hobby enthusiasts.
Next to small businesses it's also usefull for artists, model-trains/planes/boats or just for people who are into electronics...

Check out for a technology and printer overview.

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