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How 3D Printers compare ?
Hello plastic world,
I am currently operating a Dimension uPrint and I have to say that I am pretty satisfied with the end result.
The main downside of this printer is the insane price of ABS, as the uPrint force you to buy their consumables (there is a counter in a fusable chip tied to the cartridge).
Therefore, I am looking for a cheaper still accurate 3printer to use in addition of the uPrint.

I was wondering : as many printers rely more or less on the same technology, I would like to know if anyone has ever tried to print the same test part(s) on different types of printer and share the result.

It would now be a good time to have a real review on the actual results these babies can give.

anyone ?
You must try for uPrint SE Plus 3D Printers it is the best choice for 3D printing as it offers material colors, larger build volume, resolution options, and much more.
I have tried the ABS filament, and it is good for detailed prints. Since then, quality and comprehensive colored layers are better produced. Thanks to 3d2print who make things easier for us to understand.

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