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Custom 3D Printed Gaming Miniatures!
[Image: CCQvWTs.jpg]

Hey everyone! Proxy Army Games has just launched their Kickstarter, Proxy War. And yes, before you ask, that's me. We do fully custom 3D printed tabletop miniatures, everything from 10mm figurines to 240mm titans. Depending on your budget, you and mix-and match parts from our database, or have a miniature custom-made from scratch, exactly to your tastes.

[Image: 0fe5126fec84df4129ba85fdcea9228a_large.jpg?1382471925]

We are super-excited to get the word out to the 3D printing community, so I am here to answer all of your questions. If there's anything you ever wanted to know about 3D printing, gaming miniatures design, 3D modeling, or just our Kickstarter, let me know! And hey, if you want to know more, you can always check out our Kickstarter. We've got a cool video and a lot of neat model samples.

[Image: 9TcGBUa.jpg]

[Image: O98Mdsp.jpg]

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