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Highly Elastic Materials?
I am looking for information on what material I can use for a 3d model.

I work for a non-profit company aimed at educating people about genital mutilation. I would like to model a realistic model of the adult male penis with a functional foreskin. Since this contains smooth muscle that allow the organ to roll and expand and contract, I imagine that I would need something like rubber on the inside and more skin like on the outside. Think eyelids if you're unfamiliar with the male anatomy and its functions. I would also need to model it to show full preputial adnexa. I would like to perfect a prototype before I begin mass producing the product for demonstrations at various events internationally as well as to share with our numerous domestic and international partners.

I did manage to find one video of a 3d printed trachea replica that seemed somewhat pliable (not to be confused with a 3d printed bioscaffoled trachea for implantation). I do not remember where I saw this video, and have been unable to find it, but I feel that this material, while a step in the right direction, is nowhere near elastic enough.

Thanks for your help guys!
That is interesting. You should check out the history of your browser to find out. Also did you ever heard about Polyethylene stuff. It is highly elastic and strong so I hope you will find it helpful and also let me know if it really is.

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