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textures and physical Format

I'm very new to forums and 3D printing so please excuse any protocol blunders.

I am in want of a machine that can print large objects in the x/y axis and not so deep in the vertical (Z?) that is, almost flat

The pieces could be made in segments but continuous in one axis (at least) would be handy

And lastly, to have fairly fine texture, in polyethylene.

If I were to take an image of sand ripples (scale them down) and recreate them say 400mm width 10-20mm thick and 5000mm long I'd be pretty happy and if that's not possible I'd settle for 400x400 x20

What would suite my purposes better a etching machine or printer? and which maker/model?

I see my post has18 views but 0 replies

is the problem clarity? I can hardly understand what I wrote.

maybe I'll try again with an image or two if I don't hear back from someone soon

Hi Glen,
Interesting concept , I think I can help you narrow down the options, but first I need to know why you choose polyethylene!
1-you can replicate the sand wave pattern using other systems such as the SLA machines which has excellent finish, and high cost!… But there are many online 3d printing services that will give you great results and help you with your 3d file.
2-If you’re devolving a rapid manufacturing business model, then you should consider building your own machine and tailor it to your specific needs, it’s very doable.
3-If you like to join forces, (I am trying to develop my own 3d printer ,but so far I haven’t found any entity that builds custom 3d printers, I need to find a company or a team that could achieve these goals) and my choice of material is polyethylene.
I hope you find this helpful and don’t hesitate to contact me to take this discussion further.

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