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How accurate the DIY reprap printers can be?

If you are looking photos of produtcs some are pretty rough and
some are better. In some printer specs are mentioned X,Y-axis 0.05mm.
Does the layer thickness mean same as Z-axis presision?

When comparing precision to stairs layer means the height of the step and
X,Y-axis steps depth and width??

Which reprap is the most accurate and which is less?

Does the layer thickness mean same as Z-axis precision? yes and no. Layer height is how much each layer should be. Precision is how close a machine maintains that.
I think its the linear system that people adopt in their builds that mainly contributes to the best possible print quality when you consider most of them use the same components. The other small hardware differences like hot and cold ends should be looked at also.
Reprap evolves all the time but not all reprappers keep up with the evolution.

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