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Human 3D model from Photo - Harry - 12-04-2012

I want to create a 3D model of a human from Photo. Any one there to help me out ? Is there a software which can help me to do it ?

RE: Human 3D model from Photo - giftito - 04-11-2013

There are some companies that offer this service like shapways, sculpteo, giftito, have a look at this article:

RE: Human 3D model from Photo - king88 - 07-17-2013

Give http://www.triaxisart.com a try. They can get you set up with your 3D file. They will give you a file ready to take to a 3D printer and get your 3D model printed.

RE: Human 3D model from Photo - aandbrendering - 02-26-2014

If you want to create 3D model then you can use software's like Blender,3Ds Max,MAYA..ETC. And create 3D models,texturing and lighting using these software's.

For creating 3D models you can use 2D graphics images as a reference but you have to create 3D objects by your own.There is no such software which would convert 2D images into 3D models.