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Laser printing + Machining by DMG - art3d - 01-07-2014

I love this machine. Who am I kidding, I love all DMG Mori machines.
Have a look at the video and tell us what you think.

Design beneficial for surface texturing by mould making

The new LASERTEC 65 Shape allows, for the first time, highly compact 5-axis milling and laser texturing of 3D plastic injection moulding tools on one machine and in one setup. After the milling of the mould, a geometrically defined surface structure is applied to the mould by means of a fibre laser. A final erosion or etching is eliminated.

Highlights LASERTEC 65 Shape
5-axis: milling and laser texturing of plastic injection moulds on one machine in one setup
Full fledged 5-axis milling machine from DECKEL MAHO in the rigid monoBLOCK® / duoBLOCK® Series; flexible integration of a laser head via the HSK interface
Change over time from milling to laser operation only approx. 5 minutes
Unlimited design possibilities for geometricallydefined surface textures in free-form surfaces
Environmentally-friendly methods that do not require the use of chemicals
Highest repeatability
Fully digitised process chain
LASERSOFT 3D texturing software package for the laser structuring of 3D surfaces: from Bitmap to the finished texture