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Christmas Decorations - 3DCustomizationCo - 12-19-2013

We have created and will posting a variety of Christmas Decorations each day leading up to Christmas! They will all be available for Download on Thingiverse. Let us know what you think! We hope you enjoy printing and decorating one of your own!

The first in the Collection is the Santa's Hat Christmas Decoration. Click the link below to visit our page!

Naughty Santa's Hat Download Page

[Image: 5f114b39-3aa5-47a7-a065-6205dcfa9942_zps0307c036.jpg]

[Image: 555a4e45-5aef-4426-ab95-f36cbb548ce8_zps72392907.jpg]

Here is another Design for you!

Download the Naughty Santa's Hat from our Thingiverse Page to Print and Customize your own Today! Let us know what you think of our second design! Enjoy!

More Christmas Items coming daily!

Download here:

[Image: NaughtySantasHat1024x600_zps01026e69.jpg]

RE: Christmas Decorations - 3DCustomizationCo - 12-20-2013

Meet Ernie the Elf! Download him from our Thingiverse Page to Print and Customize! How do you like Ernie?

Another Christmas Decoration coming tomorrow!

Download Here:

[Image: ErnietheElfFullSize_zps433173e6.jpg]

RE: Christmas Decorations - 3DCustomizationCo - 12-21-2013

Ready for another Christmas Decoration? Here it is! Let us know what you think!!

Meet Mr. Snowman! A delightful Snowman ready to bring you joy!

Download Here:

[Image: MrSnowmanOriginalSize_zpsd27997f8.jpg]

RE: Christmas Decorations - 3DCustomizationCo - 12-22-2013

What's that in the snow? It's Santa's Snowy Boot! We hope you all enjoy this design!

Download Here:

[Image: SantasSnowyBootOriginalSize_zps5e0762dc.jpg]

RE: Christmas Decorations - 3DCustomizationCo - 12-23-2013

Have a Holly and Jolly Christmas with this Santa Bust Christmas Decoration! He is ready to Download and Print! We hope you enjoy this Holiday Design!

Download Here:

You can also Like Us on Facebook to keep up to date!

[Image: SantaBustoriginalsize_zpsf7d2d920.jpg]

RE: Christmas Decorations - 3DCustomizationCo - 12-24-2013

Celebrate the Holidays with your very own version of Cleveland!

We hope you enjoy our newest Christmas Decoration!!

Download Here:

[Image: ClevelandwearingaSantaHatOriginalSize_zpsd9f427b8.jpg]