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Kapton tape vs ABS glue - offler - 11-25-2013

I received my machine with ABS glue.

Did some printings, and really hate that glue ... everytime needs cooling the heat bed to apply again before printing and warming up again .... too slow

It seems kapton tape is better. I bought a 50mm roll by ebay, not yet received.

Sure the kapton tape is cleaner, and I have read you apply it to heat bed and can last for many printings, just need to clean from time to time,

There goes my questions :

1) The heatbed temperatures will be the same for ABS glue and kapton tape?

2) I suppose it will be faster to print again because you don't need to cool down no much for removing printed object, warm up and print again, right?

3) Are there better options than kapton tape?

RE: Kapton tape vs ABS glue - art3d - 11-26-2013

I think the blue painters tape is about the best second to the white masking tape. Kapton is my third choice for printing ABS so far.
3d-eez also looks good but i have not tried it.