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Hello from Hyrel 3D - Davo - 11-02-2013


I'm Davo, I work for Hyrel 3D, and I'll try to answer any questions you have about our stuff.



RE: Hello from Hyrel 3D - art3d - 01-03-2014

Hi Davo. I saw the story this morning about the 4 head system. That is a very nice looking setup. Congratulations on being first.
Your printers are a bargain for any one that wants to get right into 3d printing a very wide range of stuff. Nice solid design.
Are you guys going to ship to Australia if people want your products? I would like to recommend them if I may.

We have also been working on splitting up our giant bed by using 4 (or more) filament extruder's, effectively giving us 4 x 500mm x 500mm build areas.

RE: Hello from Hyrel 3D - Davo - 04-02-2015

So, sorry to have been absent from the forum for so long.

We have units in Australia, we can ship just about anywhere.

See http://hyrel3d.net/pdfs/Hyrel%203D%20Product%20List,%20Jan%202015.pdf for products and pricing; email me with any questions.