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Free DLP Printers on Indiegogo - nautilusw - 06-04-2013


Here is a new DLP printers on Indiegogo , free for backers !


RE: Free DLP Printers on Indiegogo - BillDempsey - 10-02-2013

Looked great until I saw the build volume. I can't do much with 4" x 3" x 4 3/4". It's ok for ring designers and tiny miniatures, I suppose. Also, that's a decent price for a resin printer. BTW, saying you'll give somebody a "free" fully built printer if they give you $1k is still selling printers by most people's definition.

One of these days, somebody will use a 4K or at least a full HD projector to do a resin printer with a 10" cubed build volume for under $2k and then everyone will get really excited about resin.

RE: Free DLP Printers on Indiegogo - Etienne - 02-03-2014

This seems to be a scam,
just read the comments on the indiegogo page comments tab.

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