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Specialty Filament Supplier - Dylanm - 06-03-2013

I am looking for a company or someone to make small quantities of filament from a wide range of materials that i can supply. Does anyone know a supplier that will do this? Or would any Filbabot/at home extruder owners be interested in making a little money?

RE: Specialty Filament Supplier - siridi - 08-16-2013

We are a factory professional manufacturing PLA,ABS filament for many current 3D printers as makerbot,reprap etc.Hope we can work together.

If you are of interest,pls contact Allen: siridi01 at gmail dot com

RE: Specialty Filament Supplier - clizeroy - 12-22-2013

Hello, My name is Royi from China, and our factory name is Spread industry company, we produce various sizes ABS filament. Now mainly are 1.75mm and 3.00. If you like that can contact me by mail: clizeroy@hotmail.com, we can talk detail then.

RE: Specialty Filament Supplier - johnstevenjacob - 02-05-2014

3d2print.net has been supplying me with wide range of filament materials. I’m very satisfied with their high quality filament. You can purchase small quantity or wholesale in their website: http://www.3d2print.net/shop/