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CNC Mill conversion help - ElliotHC - 02-05-2013


I'm wanting to be able to 3D print using my CNC mill, it is 3 axis using 4 motors.

I'd like to be able to get the best possible z depth resolution so I assume the head will define this.
I need a good extruder head to give me the best possible resolution with a fine wite and hardware/software to make use of my 500mm x 750mm working area.

Any advise would be greatly appreciated.


RE: CNC Mill conversion help - VDX - 03-05-2013

... I'm sometimes using my old Isel-CNC-mill with 550x500x90mm working area as RepStrap too by switching the original controller for an Arduino +RAMPS 1.2, heated bed and a Wade's type extruder with modified hot-end.

My Z-height is only 90mm, but I can use long tools without problems - here you can see a photo with the spindle and a really long dispenser side by side fixed to the stage: